Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Remote Ocean

Someone asks, how can one notice the "nonlocal" effects of the hyperobject ocean thousands of miles inland?

Well, there are three ways to answer.

1. Dogmatic and Jeremaic statements of the obvious! Like "You see sushi flown in from the Pacific in your supermarket. Sometimes it is on the self faster than if you lived in SF because they fly that stuff really fast."

Like "You already wonder whether the coastal town you visit might be inundated soon." Or "If you like fish it will soon be gone from your dinner plate." Or "You won't be liking to snorkel because the coral will be all white." Or "massive hurricanes..." etc.

2. Much nicer and more interesting. Like when I lived in Davis. A landlocked town in an irrigated desert in northern Cali.

As it has a Mediterranean climate the weather is very digital. Burning hot for six months. Constant drizzle for six months.

In the summer you could feel the coolness of the night air until about 10am. Sometimes this air would smell of the ocean. Seagulls flew about.

Your soil is very silty or clay like.

Also you flush your toilet. You know it's going to the waste water treatment places in the sandy salty bay.

Also you feel your body. It is made of 70% salt water because ocean life etc etc.

3. Ultimate awesomeness and nonviolence:

Simply by wondering whether you can or not feel the hyperobject ocean close to you inland, you are feeling it.

In fact in this way you are noticing that hyperobjects sparkle with nothingness. Are they there--or not?

You are already "in" ecological awareness. Before you wonder whether you are.

Friday, August 29, 2014

But the Holometer Will Not Prove Theism one of the scientists on the project implies in the article.

It will simply show that where causality happens is illusionlike.

That means that there is not simple solid nothing or simple solid something. The thing we've been holding on to for thousands of years (as he puts it) is not theism but the metaphysics of presence.

"A Noise that is Intrinsic to Space-Time"

That's the kind of phrase I like to hear in my head all the time.

But even better, look at where it comes from.

Which kind of means spacetime is an illusion liquid, which I kinda said it was in Realist Magic.

(He said show-offingly.)

We Are All Nazis

"Sentences, thoughts, spoons and the Internet etc, and works of art are determined by their context, a structure of meaning, whether we call it discourse, ideology or the structure of the trace, etc. They mean nothing outside of that."

If you think Heidegger said that, you usually say, "Ooh, that proves it. Thinking that way is already tantamount to Nazism."

If someone else says it, without acknowledging they are retweeting Heidegger, they are a cool kid.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thank You Andrei Burke

He nails it and mentions me too! And I totally own those badges and recommend you get one too.

This is like dark ecology but in far less paragraphs with words you can understand!


Please stop doing it chaps! Maybe I sound like an old fuddy duddy? But come on!

The most powerful vocalists on the planet don't use it, or very sparingly. There is an excellent reason why.

If you respect the voice as an entity in its own right, why not let it be what it is?

It's not the human-machine interface at all that bothers me. There should be more!

It's the fact that the machine part is actually a human in disguise.

Autotune basically locks you in to some human's concept of sound--Bach's to be precise (equal temperament), now hardwired into every blasted piece of readily available synth software out there, unless you are very lucky. This concept makes everything turn into sepia. And you are just retweeting some 18th century organist's mind. If you want colors, you have to not do that.

Obviously your actual physical voice doesn't work according to some 18th century guy's concept.

Here is a list of alive people who don't need to use that crude auto tune, ever ever. Cos they know how to sing! And what voice is.

Liz Fraser
John (my mate from the erstwhile Moke)

Surely there are more but these are my bests.

The best vocals make you think all my concepts are erupting.

Actually here is Moke, with my favorite song of theirs, co-written by my brother Charlie. There is a tiny use of auto-tune, in one spot, but not to make him integrate with the mechanized structure of a horrific wrongness. Also, the lyrics, wow. “Ship of sound...” “[M]y money is slow and my mask is a mirror for delivering the devil down...scuse me while I'm thinking of something more insulting/These are the dreams of the pale in power..."

Coral Reef

The philosopher forges ahead in the darkness.
He thinks the darkness is the bottom of this midnight ocean.
He pilots through an uncertain future.
He never thought to look down.

Above him the fish are playing,
High above in the twilight water
Hoping fish, loving fish, fearful fish
Logic fish, asserting fish, wishing fish

They never had the power to swim down to
The depths of his lonely U-Boat.

On the surface of the water, the ocean of reason swells
Cold and secure from the depth
Someone else is looking down through a glass scope,
They will never find the fish
Let alone the U-Boat

The sub sends out its lonely PING
And receives pings back
The pings only mean something inside the sub
Outside there are things, depthless things

But if the philosopher were to use the submersible
And dare to drop below where he thought the ocean ended
The submersible with three O shaped windows

It and he, by bionic extension,
Would discover, at the very bottom of the ocean
A sparkling coral reef of actual things,

In the coral reef, the philosopher is already lying,
Blinking, looking up at this hallucinated image of
Himself descending in a submersible

In the submersible, the philosopher has believed
So much that this thing here is himself
That when he gets to the bottom
He doesn't see that he's already there

Among the coral, the lantern fish
The hot vents. All the other things
Like computers, the Prime Minister
And the Arctic are also down here

Wondering when someone might see them
And not be deluded by the idea that
Reality can be grasped.

This Is Where One Gets One's Kleenex Out

Our buddha heart contains certain qualities, which we could call our true buddha genes. We all possess these particular buddha genes. Isn’t it strange to say that the mind has genes? But it turns out to be true. These buddha genes have two characteristics: They are able to see through and not be afraid of the reality of the phenomenal world. Second, these genes also contain gentleness; they are ever so loving, which goes beyond just being kind. They are extremely tender and absolutely free from any form of aggression. They are so soft and kind.    --Chögyam Trungpa

A Darker Ecology

Henry Warwick you have f'd up sound madly on your new album, to which I am just listening!

It's like early Tangerine Dream, before they went a bit wrong in the early 80s. Phaedra and Rubycon not to mention Journey through a Burning Brain and so forth. Atem. Alpha Centauri. Before they started to mean something and use FM synthesis. Otherworldly, spectral--dark ecology indeed...

Weirdly all kinds of musicians now making things to do with Dark Ecology, and some film makers. I hope I can do the album somehow.

Where Are We? 3

Thank you chillout lounge at Land of Oz. I think it was there I had this flash that “nature,” technology and humans were not separate but intertwined, but not in a way that made everything a human construct.

I was going to name the intro to Ecology without Nature “Lines Written a Few Miles above Lines Written a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey,” which is a Wordsworth joke, and a reference to where this rave was, called Universe. Right in Wales.

Universe, in Wales. Land of Oz, in Heaven. The graffito outside the entrance was


Ever so sadly the shiny product police bricked all that over years ago...

The proto-Orb looping “Sueno Latino” plus Sasha DJ-ing at 4am as the sun rose, I think that's slightly what started it...

Where Are We? 2

...what happened in that VIP lounge, that was not a VIP lounge since punks had renamed it chill out room? did I even get up there, up those narrow little stairs?

The simple answer is the one me and Alan give when asked about what happened on Mount Kailash when we went there:

I don't know...

Where Are We?

As I'm talking on this in Glasgow in a couple of weeks I'm thinking about it. This is about right as one of many soundtracks for hyperobjects. I remember being up in the VIP lounge at Land of Oz when Alex Patterson and Jimmy Cauty were looping “Sueno Latino” underneath these ambient environmental sounds. 1989. Then it turned into these guys.

“Sueno Latino” being the bestest piece of house music, maybe ever. Very very melty. Like you want to melt into the carpet. Hyperbliss.

One of the best bits of this tune is that they have used Grace Jones's “Slave to the Rhythm.” Really really well. Madly I have the EP still. Hopefully my mum sends it in a nice package this very week! So much vinyl in London...still...

The title is from an episode of Blake's 7 which has the eponymous brain ruling Ultraworld in a pulsating sort of a way.

Meditation, punk, house. For me they are all virtually the same thing. Obviously one isn't talking simply about calming the mind, but about the mad performance art punk thing called awareness.


It's like watching video of the Borg vs McEnroe Wimbledon Final of 1980. I saw the match live but then watching it on video was somehow even more amazing, because you knew what happened, yet you let yourself enjoy the ride.

This is so true of my mate Graham's book Heidegger Explained, which I'm teaching today. The sentences jump right off the page. Philosophers are living breathing humanoid beings who perform and play and compete and admire and form bonds and so forth. Marburg is a place with houses and streets.

Oh and you understand Heidegger by PAGE 2...then the fun begins...

Causality Is Aesthetic

I know I keep going on and on about it but this one is quite special. Thank you Cliff!

Why is it happening? Because what a thing is is in contradiction with how it appears, but in such a way that it is none other than how it appears ...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

High Frequency

Tone. High frequency tone. Autocorrect turned that into "high frequency time" in a recent post.

That was also true! But the smell of pine is like a high frequency tone...